>progress in small steps

>Today, there was progress. Not big steps, but significant progress in small steps.

My stress-induced stomach ache was much better this morning. (I suppose the evening nap followed by nine straight hours of sleep helped.)
I waded through three large stacks of papers, graded them, and recorded them in my gradebook. I can see the computer mouse now, and the screen is next, I’m sure.
I ate lunch in the lounge and didn’t feel too guilty.
It was chaos in my class because of individual band lessons and the all-school bike rodeo. Most of the peer mediators who were volunteering to help out at the rodeo were in my class, too, so I think I had the entire class together for, oh, maybe ten minutes all day. I think (I hope!) I got all the work to all of the kids so they can get it all done and handed in tomorrow. (I hear you laughing — let me dream, okay?)
My class behaved and participated well in the bike rodeo when their turn came.
And last, but not least:
In honor of Ride your Bike to School Day, I did. I rode my bike to school. It is a small accomplishment, but I’m proud of myself. And as the Gershwin brothers once said, “No, no they can’t take that away from me!”

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