>Prepping for Thanksgiving, the Reality Show

>Assistant: What’s wrong with this coffee?
Daisy: I’m cleaning the coffeepots with a vinegar solution. Don’t drink it.

Director: Okay, I’ve sent him out for Starbucks. What’s next? How much can you really do ahead of time?
Daisy: Quite a bit, actually. Today is just cleaning. coffepots, roasting pan, extra crockpot, wine glasses. Tomorrow I’ll get out the tablecloths and napkins. Wednesday we’ll cook all the side dishes, and the only thing we’ll have left to cook on Thursday will be the bird.

Daisy: In fact, I even cleaned the oven. Slaved over it. Scrubbed, soaked, worked my fingers to the bone. Oh, the sacrifices I make to host Thanksgiving dinner at our house!

Assistant: I’m back! Who ordered the Pike Place blend? Hey, you folks got a lot done here? How’d you do it all in such a short time?
Daisy (in a stage whisper): I called in the Fairies.

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2 thoughts on “>Prepping for Thanksgiving, the Reality Show

  1. >Happy Thanksgiving Daisy, looks like you too were up very early! Ah, the ability to get to a Starbucks…not one around out here, so our coffee pot is constantly getting a workout!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

    R Dean

  2. >I could have used some help from the fairies last night, but by dinnertime today everything was done. Hope you had a fun day – I'm sure dinner was delicious.

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