Prepping for a Storm, the Daisy way

We’re expecting thunderstorms later today. In our part of the country, that means rain (a lot), possibilities of hail, lightning strikes, high winds, and even (less likely, but possible) tornadoes. Power outages can happen, too. We Northerners know how to prep for storms. Here’s my list for the day.

Clean litter box (done). Replace box and cage tray with clean equivalents. Refill hay basket. Pet nervous rabbit who wonders why her dirty litter and crumbs of hay are being taken away.

Here’s the stormy part: Dump dirty litter on brush pile or in compost. Rinse litter box with rain barrel water (we’ll get more later). Set litter box and tray in safe place in backyard to be rinsed with rain water.

Charge everything that might need charging. Kindle. Phone. Laptop. Amigo’s book player, bluetooth headphones, and anything else he might need. Stormy part? When we’re getting lightning, we won’t want anything important to be plugged in. If we lose power, we’ll have communication (phones) and entertainment (audio book player, kindle, etc.). If the power stays off, I’ll consider cooking supper on the grill.

Amigo just told me it smells like rain. Indeed, I see wet pavement outside. Most windows are closed; I’ll close the last few when needed. See you later, Interwebs. We’re hunkered down in our den, curled up with a few books and Amigo’s weather radio. Stay safe out there!

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