>Post-storm recovery

>The flu has flown. In its wake, it left a very messy house, lots of dirty laundry, a pile of unfinished homework, side effects in our ears, and a couple of exhausted people.
Doctors cleared both me and Amigo to go back to school tomorrow. We are no longer contagious I’m relieved — I think. I’m a bit nervous because there’s so much happening in my school that it’s going to feel like jumping onto a roller coaster mid-ride.
Amigo will be tired. He still needs a lot of sleep. I expect him to come home from school, crash on the couch, and only get up for supper and homework. Oh, yes, and to take his Zithromax. That’s right, the kid has another ear infection. Double or single infection, you wonder? Neither. And both. The lovely doc called it “one and a half”. One ear is firmly infected, and the other is just starting. So yes, at age 15, he is treating his second ear infection in four months. Isn’t he supposed to outgrow these? Amigo depends on his hearing more than most because he has so little vision. We’ll monitor this, and monitor it closely. If he needs ear tubes again, even though he’s a teen, we’ll say, “do it.” Hearing loss is not to be taken lightly.
Which leads to — in my trip to the doctor, I came out not with ear infections, but with moderate wax build up. Too Much Information, you say? People with hearing aids often get this. Where most people’s earwax works its way out of the ear canals naturally, my hearing aids/ earmolds get in the way. Anything that could block my hearing is a bad thing, so the nurse flushed out both ears today. Begone, you waxy substances!!
We’ve coped with the whole flu visit by resting a lot, drinking liquids, and prioritizing. I did a minimum of laundry — underwear and socks. If anyone needs more, they’ll have to wash it themselves. I cleaned the smallest bunny-litter box, and the other one will have to wait. Or Husband will have to do it.
I slept better last night. So did Amigo. Our coughing jags are less frequent, so we’re not waking up at night hacking and barking. We only do that by day. Um, that’s good, I think.
I’m doing too much thinking. Time to make lunch and take a nap while I still can. Tomorrow we rejoin the world.

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