>Planning Ahead

>We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. To be prepared, Husband wrote up the entire menu and noted who would be responsible for each dish. We printed this in Braille for Amigo to review it, and then we took inventory.
We found a few surprises. We own enough serving dishes to put everything on the buffet table. We have barely enough silverwear, though, and dinner plates and dessert plates are a little short. To rectify this, we headed to the nearby outlet mall, only to find that the Pfaltzgraf outlet had closed up and moved some time ago. It moved to a location on the route to La Petite’s college, so we know we’ll get there eventually, but we need to wing it on Thursday.
Husband went out to the French place (Tar-jay) to replenish our flatware and get a few glasses that don’t say Bacardi or Packers on them. So what’s wrong with Packer glasses, I ask? Isn’t Brett Favre someone to be thankful for? But I digress — here’s the menu, and the plan. You’ll have to imagine the snooty restauranteur accent while you read.
2006 Thanksgiving Menu at Chez OK
Fresh Veggies with Dip — Her Mom and Stepdad
Fresh Fruit pieces — Brother & Sis-in-Law
Pickles & Olives — Husband & Amigo
Harvest Carrot Soup — Husband
Main Course:
Turkey with Stuffing — Daisy
Old Fashioned Plain Mashed Potatoes — Husband
Root Mash (Mmmm) — Husband
Gravy — Daisy
Packer Veggies (Corn & Peas) — Daisy & Amigo
1-2-3 Cranberry Sauce — Amigo
Cranberry Jell-O — Her Mom
Pumpkin & Cranberry Breads — Her Mom
Dinner Rolls — His Mom & Dad
Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Topping — Brother & Sis-in-Law
Apple Pie — His Mom & Dad
Mince Meat Pie (maybe) — Her Mom & Stepdad
Wines, as chosen by your Sommeliers, Brother & Husband
Apple Cider — Husband
Soda (Various) — already stocked
Milk — already stocked
Water — Bunnies (They have to have a chore, too!)
Coffee, Regular and Decaf — Daisy
Some beverages will be in a cooler with ice to free up space in the refrigerator
Menu subject to change.
Her Mom & Stepdad will bring some small paper plates for use with appetizers.
Her Mom & Stepdad will bring some folding chairs.
His Mom & Dad will bring a folding long table with tablecloth to use as a buffet table.
La Petite will pitch in somehow.

Are we ready? I think so. Turkey Day? Bring it on!!!

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  1. >Sounds like the perfect family gathering. I love your menu and who is bringing or preparing what, glad you are not trying to do everything yourself. I bet it will be delicious and fun to have your family all there. Enjoy!

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