>Pizza? A vegetable?

>Pizza: I love to pile on veggies and herbs. Spinach, basil, oregano. Peppers, onions, garlic. Tomatoes and tomato sauce.

But really, Congress and USDA, commercially made pizza in itself is not a vegetable.
My homemade pizzas are covered with at least two kinds of cheese – real Wisconsin cheese, of course. I don’t call it a dairy product, even though it probably has a thick enough cheese layer to qualify.
Local restaurants make pizzas from scratch with zucchini and spinach and other fresh, delicious ingredients. They don’t claim to meet the recommended daily allowance of vegetables. In all honesty, the local pizzas have enough toppings that they probably would meet the goal.
But seriously. A frozen pizza with a thin layer of sauce? Not, I repeat NOT, a vegetable. Require a minimum amount of real tomato in a required amount of sauce, and then maybe I’ll believe it’s nutritious. I know how I make pizza, and I’ve seen the pizza in school cafeterias. Folks, there’s no contest.
Now consider that many children get the best meal of their day at school, and then think about that slice of pizza.
No, people, pizza is not a vegetable.
Would you like to tell Congress that pizza is not a vegetable? Click here to sign a petition and support true nutrition in school meals.

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