>Passive vs. Active

>A passive chore is something that “does itself” while I’m doing something else. I like those chores the best!

Passive chores:
crock pot cooking – cooks supper while I’m teaching school all day
laundry – washes and dries while I’m correcting papers at the kitchen table
cleaning the oven – well, it’s passive if you have a self-cleaning oven.
running the dishwasher – and then comes the tedious chore of emptying it
composting – and it takes a long, long time. But oh, so satisfying!
watering garden – hook up the sprinkler, let it run!
Making coffee – but that’s not really a chore.

Active chores that feel passive:
weeding the garden – I let my mind wander while I weed. I like to think I solve the worlds problems while pulling up clover and dandelions.
harvesting veggies – it takes so little time, but it’s so satisfying.
baking (especially bread in bread machine) – and the house smells so good!
making soup stock – letting the bones and scraps simmer while I blog or load the dishwasher, eventually yields as an end result a tasty soup or stew.

Today, Labor Day, I’ll be laboring in my classroom getting ready for school to start. That’s a very active chore, so maybe I can arrange for something passive to go on at home while I’m working there. Crockpot supper? I’m there!

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4 thoughts on “>Passive vs. Active

  1. >Amen on creative name spelling!
    I toured Mr. T’s classroom last week and his teacher had it all ready to roll and I thought of you. Good luck with the final touches on bulletin boards and what-all!

  2. >Have fun with the school year! Have fun teaching your children the difference between active and passive chores. 🙂

    I discovered a use for one of my thumb drives. Am looking for the other one to send in your direction. Will let you know when it surfaces. 🙂

  3. >I like this passive/active comparison. Your weeding the garden comment about letting the mind wander reminds me of a line from Dandelion Wine, “Dig in the earth, delve in the soul.” Happy gardening …

  4. >I used to hate doing the dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher) but I’ve since decided it’s an active chore that feels passive – it’s my meditation time in the middle of the day (yes, since there’s only two of us, I do the dishes only once a day.)

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