>Pantry Raid

>It wasn’t a new recipe. This meal didn’t break any new ground. I didn’t harvest it from the backyard (well, not much: just the green onions and parsley). It was, however, a classic Friday night, I’m tired and I want some rest, don’t ask me to be the Iron Chef tonight, kind of meal.

It combined planned-overs with ingredients already in the house. It was a classic Pantry Raid.

Planned-overs –> something made in advance with the intention of being a “leftover.” I grilled pork chops earlier in the week. When the chops were done and the coals were still hot, I put a few brats and sausages on the grill to cook.

Friday night I pulled onions and green peppers from the freezer, sauteed them in olive oil, eventually added green onion (fresh from the garden!) and a few stray leftover vegetables from the refrigerator. I sliced thin a few spicy sausages & one bratwurst and stirred them into the mix. Topped with a few sliced overripe tomatoes, it made a lovely and aromatic mix.

Meanwhile, I offered Amigo a choice of pastas; he chose rotini. I made the whole box (planned overs!) and served the sausage mix on top of the pasta with a little grated parmesan and diced parsley from the garden for garnish.

On the side: rhubarb bread and applesauce. It was so delicious, I almost pulled out a wine to go along. Well, no, I didn’t. But it was delicious. The smoky taste from the planned-over sausages was a nice touch.

Iron Chef I’m not, but the presentation was rather nice, too.

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