Out, out, dang bunny!

Last year I caught a rabbit lounging in my lettuce.

The Compost Critter was at it again this season, too.

Then there was the morning I found another woodchuck under the raspberries.

The last straw  was finding this tiny, adorable little sweetie in my tomato patch. In my tomatoes!

The Backyard Baby Bunny

We found the source of the invasion, the gap in the protective barrier.

See the fallen board? Doesn’t look like much, but —

If you look closely from this angle, you can see a gap big enough for a baby bunny.

Mind the gap!

Chuck played Santa and brought out the hoe, hoe, hoe.

Witness: the GC44, the tool du jour.

He re-dug the trench, replaced the board, and straightened the wire fencing above. The baby bunny stayed hidden behind the rain barrels and watched as we denied it access to the salad bar.

A work of art, the tomato jungle.

For now, at least, the tomato plants are safe. Stay out of my jungle, baby bunny. No matter how much cuteness turns up, I will not share.

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4 thoughts on “Out, out, dang bunny!

    • Dale, the woodchuck only dared show itself once. I think I scared the wild and furry critter away with my camera. 🙂 –Daisy

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