>Olympic Conversations

>While watching swimming:

Me: Who’s that?
La Petite: Michael Phelps.
Me: I didn’t recognize him. He looks like an ordinary guy.
La Petite: I recognized his torso.
Me: chokes on coffee

Amigo: It’s road racing now. I think it’s motorcycles.
Me: It’s actually bicycles.
(Remember, he’s visuallly impaired, can’t see the tv well)
Amigo: It sure sounds like a motorcycle.
Me: Oh, now they’re showing a different angle. The camera following the bikes is on a motorcycle. That’s the motorcycle you’re hearing.
Amigo: Okay, I knew there was a motorcycle.

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8 thoughts on “>Olympic Conversations

  1. >Good thing we have kids because otherwise I would be so stupid. They help me point out the obvious! lol And his torso is very nice isn’t it?

  2. >I just wanted to say that I think you have a really sweet site. It feels good from the moment the window opens. The name (made me smile after a single, pregnant second), the colors, all of it. I’ll subscribe right now.

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