>Observations on an autumn day


Things I can do now until the cold weather strikes:
*Clean the bunny litter boxes outside with the hose
*Take small amounts of easily digestible compost out to the bin
*Shake rugs out on the deck in my stocking feet
*Take out garbage and recycling without a coat or jacket
*Rake leaves (a simple pleasure)

I can’t:
*Harvest from the garden, the last frost did it in
*Sit out on the backyard swing, it’s just a bit too cold to enjoy
*Leave the windows open, because the heat is on

But I can enjoy:
*Coffee or tea or hot spiced apple cider in a favorite mug
*A wood fire blazing in the fireplace
*Watching NFL or college football on television
*Watching the leaves fall outside as I read a book in the cozy, warm den

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2 thoughts on “>Observations on an autumn day

  1. >Where on earth did you get that amazing photography? 😉

    They installed a hot coacoa machine for meal plans finally! Wheeeee!

    -Your daughter

  2. >Yes, gentle readers, La Petite took the photo above. And she is like her father — doesn’t drink coffee, but instead hot cocoa.

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