>Notes to self as family brings in the germs

>Amigo was mildly ill last week. Now Husband is down for the count with similar symptoms: cough, cold, achiness, exhaustion. At school, one student was out sick today and two others should have stayed home.
At times like this, all of my germ-phobic tendencies start shouting at me.
No, don’t touch that kid’s computer mouse!
What do you think you’re doing, testing the keyboard connections yourself?
Now you’re headed for touching your nose — uh-uh! No, no, no!
Wash your hands.
Don’t touch that kid’s pencil. Use your own to revise and make notes on his paper.
Wash your hands.
The doorknob? Germ factory!
Wash your hands.

After school I went to the quickie pharmacy-convenience store and stocked up on all the goodies that Husband had requested. Cold/flu meds in both non-drowsy and drowsy, cough drops, Nyquil (by brand name, not generic, must be cherry flavor) and more. I spent $50.
Oh, okay, I also bought enough Valentine pencils for my entire class, anti-snore strips for me, and two paperback books. Note to self: always have a good stock of reading material on hand in case of sick day for yourself or as caretaker.
I made a trip to the grocery store on Sunday to buy lemon tea and honey for Husband’s sore throat, so Husband already had good hot beverages available. Note to self: start keeping this in stock as part of the standard pantry supplies.
And…I bought two different kinds of hand sanitizer. One is a nice lavendar scented bottle that I can keep in my desk; the other is a small purse-sized spray to carry with me in my, well, in my purse. Note to self; good move. “Be prepared” is the Girl Scout motto.
On that note, it’s time to pack tomorrow’s lunch with my daily orange. The vitamin C can only help.

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4 thoughts on “>Notes to self as family brings in the germs

  1. >I love some of the hand sanitizers out there, but one of the doctors I work with taught me another trick – Keep rubbing alcohol handy and use that to rub down your hands.

  2. >Que Barbaridad! (With the whole Amigo thing I felt compelled to bring out my very limited Espanol 🙂

    Hope he’s better now.

  3. >My third grade teacher ate an orange every day. We’d come back from p.e. and the classroom would smell all citrusy. She lived into her 90’s, so it must have done some good!

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