Not my Typical Autumn Saturday

I didn’t go to the downtown market today. It may have been the last one, too. I was tired, stiff, sore, and just didn’t feel up to it. I have a good supply of squash, apples, and any other goodies I might have bought, so it’s okay.

I got my annual flu shot last night. I’m stiff and sore and feeling a little under the weather. Is there a cold virus attempting a takeover? I hope not. I have an extra long week next week, and it includes the first virtual classes for elementary music. I need to be strong and healthy.

Meanwhile, the garden wants to be put to bed for the winter. I “harvested” parsley seeds today in an effort to be ready for spring. Garlic I planted in a basket next to the rhubarb. If I can spot a few bulbs for my walking onions, I’ll find a new home for those, too. The onion patch will be turned into a corner of the new garage next spring. If I want the green walking onions to be part of my pantry for a few more years, they’ll need a new home just like the garlic did.

The plan for today: settle in on the couch with hot apple cider. Watch the Wisconsin Badgers dominate the football field. Take care of a few outside tasks and rest or nap in between. Keep drinking liquids.

Got it? I think it’ll be effective. Later, folks. I need to refill my cider mug.

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