>Mother Nature, give us a break!


A few short weeks ago, this was the view through our front window. It was 2011’s version of April Showers.

A close-up of the branch looked like this. Some neighborhood trees lost branches; they were just too weak to hold the heavy, wet showers. Er, snow.

It’s all melted now, and the weather theme since has been wind. The backyard is either swampy or squishy, depending on whether it’s raining or not on a given day. The garden beds look good; they’ve been raised and composted enough that the excess moisture is draining well. It’s still too cold and too muddy for me to spend much time prepping and planting.

Well, if April Showers bring May Flowers and Mayflowers bring pilgrims, what do April Snowstorms bring? Besides a swampy, spongy backyard, that is. Well, readers, do you have an answer?

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