>Mom’s outside playing in the dirt — again!

>I planted some old seeds today. They were old not in the heirloom sense, but in the found-them-in-the-closet and who-knows-when-they-were-stored-there definition. I teach science. as part of my many roles. Last spring I cleaned out my classroom closets of all old science materials to make room for the new curriculum kits. I found a big bag of spinach seeds. Spinach? I don’t remember needing spinach seeds for any of the experiments and activities I taught. These must have been stored by one of the teachers that had the room before me. One is retired now, and the other is deceased. The only date I found on the packages said 1997. Was that a “plant by” freshness date or a purchase date? I’ll never know. So in my philosophy of waste not, I planted them. My garden soil is still moist from yesterday’s watering, and the tomato plants are growing like crazy. I know the soil is fertile. If the seeds don’t come up, it won’t be the soil. It’ll mean they’re simply old and dried beyond usefulness, so I’ll compost the rest. If the spinach comes up, it means more bunny food for Beast and Tiny and the little house bunny, Nut!

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2 thoughts on “>Mom’s outside playing in the dirt — again!

  1. >This has nothing at all to do with what you wrote here, and I’m sorry for that. I will come back and read. But I have to thank you for your kind words. I am inordinately depressed to the point of actually wishing I would be declared unfit and committed, just so I can have some space to figure out where i went wrong. Was it being born at all???
    I love my family- at least I think I do. But I feel so lost and disconnected right now. SO frustrated. Just leaving the kind words you left made it a little better. I can breathe now.
    I was holding my breath before.

  2. >I’m not big on the “no child left behind” act… not a test-advocate, though my kids have recieved commended performance most the time. But it was not worth their torture and agony- being stripped of their childhood.

    I value work for children and participation in family needs but I think the testing starts going too far in the realm of pressures… just my opinion.

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