Memorial Day and the backyard

Ah, Memorial Day. Ceremonies, parades, and somber reminiscence.

And maple seeds. The helicopters have arrived! Chuck saw me picking up a handful and announced, “The Next Season of the Compostermom: Maple Seeds!” and well, he isn’t wrong.

I love the idea that there’s free food in the backyard. I cooked burdock roots a few weeks ago, just to say I did it. The smaller roots were more tender and tasty, so I’ll remember that in the future.

Now that the seeds are falling, I’ll pick up as much as my knees can handle, and I’ll roast them. These roasted seeds can go in anything that might call for sunflower kernels or pepitas or similar yummies. Trail mix, bread, cookies, you name it.

They don’t last forever. Maple seeds are seasonal, at best. I’ll roast as much as I can handle during the next few weeks, and we’ll be set for most of summer.

The Next Season of Compostermom? Probably weeding season. If I want tomatoes (and more!), I need to weed.

Say, readers, do you have a backyard in which to forage? What do you find there?

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One thought on “Memorial Day and the backyard

  1. I had no idea people could eat maple seeds! I have scooped SO MANY out of our pool and I was leaving them in a wheelbarrow with the intention to dump the barrow in the field after helicopter ended. I had over 5 gallons of these buggers. Well, I went to move the wheelbarrow and FOUND IT EMPTY! We suspect deer at them and marveled at how much fiber they chewed up.
    Your ingenuity amazes me!

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