>Martha Stewart doesn’t live here. Nope.

>Three signs that I do not, repeat, do not have a professional organizer or decorator in my home:

1. The gift bag sits to the left of paper napkins: the same package we bought last September before we switched to cloth. And why do we own that stack of blue plastic cups? We never use disposable cups.

But back to the bag. In my philosophy of re-using wherever possible, I found this bag to be exactly the right size in which to store my cookie cutters. Yes, my cookie cutters. Ironically, the new package of coffee filters turned up in this bag last week. I was feeling discouraged and disappointed because I couldn’t find the package and had to settle for instant. Husband, who at 6′ can actually see into this bag on its top shelf, found the coffee filters and saved my mood that morning. Did I bake him a batch of cookies? Never mind.

2. There’s a snowman candle hiding behind the surround sound speaker. I missed it when I cleaned these up in March. It’s now July. Yes, July. It’s cold for July (see the thermometer on the right), but it’s not snowman cold.

3. This is the best example. The fireplace mantel sports the following: a moose sitting on a hockey puck, a caribou standing nearby (waiting for its turn on the ice, perhaps?), and a quartz rabbit hanging out in front of the fireplace broom, which lives on the mantel to keep it out of reach of the real rabbits because they chew on the fibers.

My home is not set up for formal entertainment. However, you’ll see plenty of sights that entertain all by themselves. Honey, were we going to decorate the fireplace with Racing Sausages next?

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6 thoughts on “>Martha Stewart doesn’t live here. Nope.

  1. >Yesterday I was looking for the two new batteries for my electric drill and found a cupboard full of stuff. There were 25 mailers for library books they sent my wife. I didn't count them but there is a shelf full of canisters for tea. We make fun of her mom but I'm sure that the MG is closet collector (or at least a hoarder)

  2. >I just went through and got rid of ten bags of stuff. I didn't even know I had ten extra bags of stuff around. I was brutal.

  3. >…Honey, were we going to decorate the fireplace with Racing Sausages next?

    Yea, I remember you had them up there last year (pretty sure the pic of them was up on the mantle, anyway). It's high time they come back out again!


  4. >I have a Christmas gift bag holding candy right now lol.

    Also I'm jealous of your weather! It's been over 100 here and VERY humid! You haven't felt heat until you have lived in the south!

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