>Loveliest of Trees

>It’s actually a mock cherry. The fruit isn’t edible, but the blossoms are gorgeous in the spring. I like to think it is putting on its best and brightest colors for Mother’s Day.

Now if you look closely, in the shade at the base of the tree, slightly to the right of the railroad ties, you’ll see a little visitor. She’s not one of our pets, but she seems to know that our yard is a safe place for bunnies.

(Photo credit: Husband, who admits to enjoying watching the wild rabbits)

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One thought on “>Loveliest of Trees

  1. >We have at least one bunny who lives under the ugly juniper bush next to our porch. I was going to replace the monstrosity with something prettier this summer, but I can’t do it now. I can’t bear the thought of a rabbit having to relocate her home just because I don’t like the look of the bush that offers her protection.

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