>"Love" Thursday

>Gotta love the Internet and the Blogosphere. with a single post, an idea can spread. Monday it was a tribute to Sesame Street. Today, Momster declared a “Love Thursday” post. It sounds almost 60s hippie style until you start looking over the posts, and see that they’re mostly families. Here’s mine for today. I picked this one not for its photo quality, but for the action. El Grande loves baseball, but he can’t see well enough to play a regular game. He loves his adaptive league, and even practices in the backyard. Here you see La Petite, a decent player in her own right, catching the balls as he hits them. Yes, she offered to play with him! When they go over the fence for a “home run”, the neighbor kids (see wood playset in background) like to run for them and throw them back. The rabbit pen is in the foreground. Simple fun and sibling bonding all in one blurry photo — and yes, lots of love.

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