Look closely.

We picked out a nice hanging plant for Mother’s Day. Petunia moved it from the hanging hook to a small table for easier access. We don’t know if the new tenants moved in when it was hanging or after she moved it. Look closely: can you see it?

Nature makes a good camouflage.

Nature makes a good camouflage.

Here’s a closer look.

One, two, three, four, five eggs!

One, two, three, four, five eggs!

The mom and dad are finches – house finches, we’re pretty sure. Petunia has been avoiding the porch except for minimal time to water the plants each day. In return, they entertain her as she turns from her computer to look outside.

I can’t wait until they hatch!

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One thought on “Look closely.

  1. When I put the plant on the table, there were three eggs in the nest. The next day, there were two more added to the original three white eggs. The new ones are spotted! Shared lodgings?

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