Life goes on.

It’s quiet here. Chuck is enjoying a model train show with his train buddies. Amigo is upstairs listening to a game – major or minor league, I don’t know. Which sport is up for grabs, too. He’s hanging out in his room with a tall cup of Sunny D, listening to something out in the very wide world of sports.

Meanwhile, I’m watching the Brewers, down two to nothing in the top of the 6th inning to the St. Louis Cardinals. This has not been a good start to the season in Milwaukee. Sometimes I wonder if the racing sausages are training better than the team! But seriously, maybe the Brew Crew will start slowly and end with the bang this year – the opposite of last year.

I watered the seedlings under their grow lights. Some are still weak; I may try the fan trick. Put a fan on low speed and let it gently blow over the seedlings to help them build up stronger stems. Well, take a look, people. Do you think it’ll work?

Falling over the edges with the weight of their leaves

Falling over the edges with the weight of their leaves

I’ll give it a try and let you know, folks. In the meantime, helpful hints for me scraggly starter plants are welcome.

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