Lettuce Lately?

It feels unusual, but I’m not complaining. I brought in another batch of lettuce yesterday.

Lots of Lettuce!

Lots of Lettuce!

This awkward looking pile of rhubarb yielded almost 5 cups when cleaned up and diced. I pulled enough out of the freezer to make rhubarb barbecue sauce. I predict we’ll see this sauce in the crock pot over a pork roast or whole chicken.

There's more here than you might think.

There’s more here than you might think.

And last, but never least, I cut back the basil, the basil, and the basil. I’ll hang these bunches in the attic to dry.

basil, basil, basil

basil, basil, basil

I start school tomorrow along with several hundred other teachers. I miss my time in the dirt, but it helps to know I have all these goodies stored away for later when I’ll need a little taste of summer.

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6 thoughts on “Lettuce Lately?

  1. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the fruits (and vegetables) of your summer gardening await the times ahead when you need them and appreciate them!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion of a tripod. I have a walking stick from LL Bean that allows me to screw on my camera. Did that on a walking trip in England in 2014. I should use it for this camera too for those closeups. Forgot about that.

    I planted fall lettuce last week. I’d like to have your problem.

    Good luck in your return to school. I’ve been retired now over 5 years from teaching.

  3. I would be incredibly grateful for some lettuce from the garden. I messed up my transplants somehow and am now hoping that my direct sown seed comes up, but it’s looking increasingly doubtful.

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