Labor Day Harvest

I’m simmering pear sauce on the stove. I’m waiting for Amigo’s laundry to be done so I can help him fold his clothes (his awesome t-shirt collection, mainly). I’m considering logging into my school account to see if anyone needs help. Meanwhile, I shall share the odd harvest for the week.

It’s odd for its amounts. The beans were nearly done, so I pulled the vines and found a few holdouts. My peppers aren’t doing well this year, but I found a few.

A Handful of Peppers and Beans

A Handful of Peppers and Beans

You can see them on the side – the root crops. I learned from my root crops this year.

Lessons in growing root crops

Lessons in growing root crops

I found turnips too close together. Either my square-foot measurements were off, or I dropped more than one seed in a space.

Parsnips are not ready yet. In fact, I had a similar problem with the parsnips. Note to self: next spring, plant carefully.

I did learn about radishes last year; I learned that I shouldn’t plant as many radishes or I should stagger the planting time. Here’s the latest: just enough for a salad or two.

Radishes, grown in a wooden box

Radishes, grown in a wooden box

Well, fellow gardeners and aficionados of fresh vegetables, enjoy your Labor Day, courtesy of the early Labor Unions. Here’s to a good harvest, and a good week to come.

Head over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see more Monday harvests across the USA and abroad.

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3 thoughts on “Labor Day Harvest

  1. When planting in Square Foot Gardening, I always drop at least two seeds in every spot–more with carrots. It then becomes a chore to thin, but with every square inch precious it’s a price you have to pay. I built a collapsible wooden grid that I use to mark off the square feet.

  2. I thought of staggering the radish harvest, but they do keep very well in the fridge – well over a month – so I decided to just plant up a couple of squares in the spring and fall & that should do us for a good chunk of the year. It really is a lot of trial and error in the garden to figure out the best quantities to grow.

  3. I totally forgot to plant any radishes this fall. I’m sure it is too late for them to size up at this point. Oh well. At least I have a lot of turnips – well if they root up. It is a new variety. I should have put in at least half of a tried and true variety to make sure I got some.

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