>Kitchen? It’s mine again.


I’m glad to be done with this.
They looked better like this.
But I kind of miss these.

They were fun to decorate, and even more fun to eat.
I’ll have to find another reason to bake soon.

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8 thoughts on “>Kitchen? It’s mine again.

  1. >I just baked cookies Monday night–I opted to NOT go on a power-baking spree in December and to bake a batch every week or so and just ENJOY:)

  2. >Don't let the fact that Christmas is over dampen your ability to decorate cookies. My wife and I are always buying interesting cut-out shapes and decorating at nearly every holiday we can… Valentines Day here we come!!!

  3. >I only baked two batches of cookies and two pumpkin loaves this year. It was more than enough even if the lack of choice was boring.

    There was a time when my kitchen was a fog of flour and powdered sugar from the week before Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.

    How did I do it? And amazingly everything got eaten and nobody gained an ounce.

  4. >Here I am trying to start a New Year’s Diet (yeah, those always work out), and you put up pictures of COOKIES!!

    Must. Resist. Cookies.


  5. >Those cookies look great! Perhaps a visit to the spring blogger gathering in Minneapolis-St. Paul would be a good time to show the newest batch off.

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