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Folks, I’m updating my LinkedIn profile with descriptions of past positions. The challenge is this: I’m not seeking a teaching job. I want to stress different skills honed while teaching. I’d like to demonstrate a sense of humor, but that’s dangerous on a professional style web site. Here’s an example. Input, friends and colleagues?

Substitute Teacher:

  • Adjusted to new routines, schedules, & locations daily
  • Responded to last minute requests
  • Practiced communication skills with all ages
  • Found talent in thinking quickly, changing plans in progress as necessary
  • Demonstrated patience of a saint

Elementary teacher

  • Learned curriculum for multiple grade levels
  • Differentiated instruction to meet students’ needs
  • Integrated the arts into classroom instruction
  • Communicated and cooperated with colleagues
  • Evaluated student progress using a variety of assessments

Many of these are still too educational in nature. Other possibilities, terms and words that might fit: 

  • mastered knowledge base – content material
  • recognized different learning styles
  • continued training and coursework
  • initiated grant applications (this on is on my resume already)
  • provided leadership in technology
  • battled public perception and kept positive attitude oops, getting snarky there.
  • balanced increasing workload
  • did more with less every year   Okay, that one is getting a little sarcastic and negative.

In general, I prefer the Sub Teacher list. Ideas, readers? Please leave a comment or two. Or more. 

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