>In the Headlines

>Reactions while surfing news channels until Amigo’s favorite shows come on:

Image of Jesus spotted in tub of ice cream
This won’t end up on eBay, will it? How on earth would it ship?

Obama wants everyone to speak Spanish.
This crawl was misleading. Obama recommends that American students learn a second language; I agree. But that could be a whole post of its own!

And then there are the random discussions with Amigo, who isn’t quite the news junkie he was when he was younger.
“Mom, is A-Rod married to Madonna? They’re talking about A-Rod, Madonna, and divorce.”
“No, honey, Madonna might divorce her husband, and she and A-Rod are friends.” Well, I’ll try. But Amigo is 16, and he’ll figure it out. He doesn’t read tabloids, but he likes comedy shows. He’ll hear the whole story — if there is a story here. A-Rod has a local Little League field named after him because he did some of his minor league play here; not exactly a role model right now, is he?

“Mom, who’s Jesse Jackson? What did he say to Obama? Was it racist?”
“Well, it was really crude, so I’d rather not quote him right now.” (We were out for lunch in a downtown restaurant) “It was inappropriate, though, and he has to apologize. No, it wasn’t racist.” Well, race was a factor, and how do I explain this? Amigo claims to hate politics, so there’s a point at which he’ll tune me out. I do want him to know that there are limits to what people can say, even a famous leader.

And don’t forget the stories that remind me of random trivial lines from TV shows…
“Sam & Ella? Who’re they?” (M*A*S*H*)

And the headline you thought I’d link, the story you know I’ll follow until it ends…. No, I don’t believe Favre will play again. But that’s, my friends, a post in itself. Brett, please say it isn’t so!!

So now, with all that in mind, I think I’ll make an extra strong pot of coffee and start reading the Sunday paper.

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One thought on “>In the Headlines

  1. >No matter what either candidate says, you can bet the opposing side will frame their lead or headline to cast the remark or action in the worst light possible. Then the only people interested in illustrating the actual truth of the situation will be those who back the particular candidate. So predictable and so why I have become disillusioned with the whole process.

    It is time for a new type of black activist. The”old school” way of finding racism behind every door and in every home is not working. All it does is feed and increase the division that still exists today. I dislike Jesse immensely because of his use of these tactics. Yet I like Obama because he actually tells his black constituiency to stand up and be responsible for their own fate.

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