I saw, I thought, I voted.

I saw Amazon’s “Countdown to Black Friday.”

I thought “Black Friday? I’m have to get through Election Day.”

I saw No Spend November.

I thought “Good luck with that. We have birthdays in November, December, and January.”

I saw leftover candy on the counter of the kitchenette at work.

I thought, “Hey, Almond Joy! Breakfast of Champions!”

I saw this.

Respectable Vegetable?

 I thought: Respectable Vegetable?

I saw this.

No question: When the World Series goes to a Game 7, if the American League team wins, Republicans win the White House. If the National League team wins, Democrats win the White House.

1972 (AL team wins) — Nixon (R)

1968 (AL team wins) — Nixon (R)

1964 (NL team wins) — Johnson (D)

1960 (NL team wins) — Kennedy (D)

1956 (AL team wins) — Eisenhower (R)

1952 (AL team wins) — Eisenhower (R)

1940 (NL team wins) — Roosevelt (D)

1924 (AL team wins) — Coolidge (R)

I thought: Go! Cubs! Go!

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