>I rock!

>Scribbit has awarded me the Rockin’ Blogger award! I read her almost daily and I really enjoy her site, so based on its source, this recognition is a great compliment. I shouldn’t let this go to my head, but she described me as “… an excellent writer and has a top-notch blog I love.” Wow!

Many of my blogging virtual friends are in Chicago this weekend for the BlogHer conference. (My last trip to the big city included a hot, steamy baseball game, not a businesslike conference.) I chose not to go to BlogHer, but I will look into the transcripts of sessions from the volunteers who were sweet enough to live blog them. Meanwhile, I will rest with the knowledge that even though I’m not hobnobbing with the blogging A-listers, according to at least one marvelous blogger, I still rock!

Compost Happens is approaching a major milestone: my 10,000th hit. I didn’t add the stat counter immediately in the beginning, so there are a few hits missing, but I know it didn’t miss a significant number. I think I may have to have a party when I reach 10,000.

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5 thoughts on “>I rock!

  1. >Hey, my trip to BlogHer included a baseball game (Sox/Tigers)! And who says we were a business-like conference? My memory has to do with cutting up t-shirts, listening to great music, and have a 2 day “oh my God, I LOVE your blog” fest!! Lots of love. And great sessions, too.

    Hope you consider coming next year.

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