>I Eat Pizza

>That’s what Amigo used to call his IEP meetings. In reality, it stands for Individualized Education Plan. I had mixed feelings before, during, and after the meeting. There were good points, the best of which was Amigo’s participation, but the process was still stressful.
I am lucky that I speak the lingo. Teachers tend to talk in initials, and those initials don’t always make sense to people outside the field. DVR, for example, in this case meant Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation, while Husband knows DVR as Digital Video Recorder. Luckily, he is comfortable saying, “Translate, please.” The OT/PT consult, VI staff, and LEA, not to mention the S/L referral, O&M, Aut, SPE (formerly APE) and SLD cross-categorical, all combine to make it sound like a foreign language, when it’s really just another set of technical lingo.
Now that the meeting is over, my neck is less sore, my head doesn’t ache quite as much, and I feel a little less stressed — until we reconvene in two weeks. Oh, my, pour me a gin and tonic just to cope with thinking about it. Bleah.
As long as we’re not dealing with the PSL.

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