Does wifi matter?

One of the biggest trending topics from the recent debates was this: the wifi passwords at each venue.

Username: RNCDebate

Password: stophillary

They thought they were clever – forcing every member of the media or other attendee who wanted wifi to type “stophillary” into their devices.

Ha-ha. The decision makers forgot a key detail: Democrats had a debate coming up very soon. Predictions, anyone? Results:

Network name: 13MillionNewJobs

No Password. The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion and we believe in expanding access and economic opportunity for all.

There you have it, readers. The Democrats stayed classy. They resisted the opportunity to attack any individual, and instead restated their own agenda.

Taking the low road with tacky humor points: Republicans.

On the high road with positive attitude and strategy points: Democrats.

I know which organization I’d rather support. Now, please, can we move on to serious issues? You’re welcome.

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