5 thoughts on “>How to beat the high cost of gas

  1. >Actually, if you swapped out motorcycle with bicycle, I might think you were onto something. But then I have a vested interest in seeing more folks riding bikes. Real bikes that is. Ones with pedals.

  2. >Trust me, after pushing mine around on the driveway… all 200kg of it.. I feel like I am benefitting.. and it is more economical than the car.. one does nearly 70mph the other 50mph

    I see you guys are experiencing the same sort of petrol rises that we brits are.. have to resort to being more careful with the use of my car/bike and consider whether my journey is necessary or just indulgent.

  3. >Harley’s and Beer.

    Add some cheese and you have the trifecta of “things I identify with Wisconsin”!


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