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>PBN (Parent Bloggers Network) has done it again. They have arranged for a Blog Blast with an irresistible topic. This one is co-sponsored by PBN and marriage.eharmony.com.

You know you need a real date with your husband when…

  • You can find his cell phone number in your phonebook without looking.
  • You talk over important issues while preparing the lawn for mowing.
  • You would talk while mowing, but the mower’s too loud, and you’re not fluent in Sign Language — yet.
  • You say “I love you” by filling each other’s vehicles with gas.
  • You leave email messages for each other at work saying, “Check your home email.”
  • You look at each other and say, “When did you get a haircut?”
  • The last serious discussion you had together involved rototilling and compost — two weeks ago.
  • You text message him with baseball results — because he’s at work and you’re chaperoning a field trip to the ballpark.
  • He text messages you with his opinion on the football game you’re watching — because he’s working on the sideline, and you’re at home with the kids. (“That was a fumble!”)
  • Both of you come home with bunny food and greet each other with, “I thought I was supposed to buy bunny food, not you.”
  • Neither of you come home with bunny food, and you stare at the hungry rabbits and say to each other, “I thought you were going to buy bunny food.”
  • Watching Jeopardy together is the most romantic part of your day.
  • He complains that his nickname on your blog is boring.

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8 thoughts on “>Have a Blast with the Parent Bloggers Network

  1. >I’m so there about not noticing the haircut. My husband just pointed out to me today at lunch that he removed his earring almost a week ago as a big step towards true adulthood. I didn’t notice, though it’s always something I insisted I despised.

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