Harvest Monday – cilantro

It’s June, folks, still June. I have a lot of sprouts growing, but not much to harvest except the ubiquitous rhubarb. The cilantro, though, is reaching for the sky.


I planted small amounts a few weeks apart so it wouldn’t ripen all at once. The batch on the right is past its prime, if I’m honest. I might let it go to seed. On the left, that might be ready just in time for tacos. In the middle, it’ll join me for salsa. I planted in sections because we don’t use a lot of cilantro at any one time. The flavor is quite strong, especially when it’s fresh.

If I have too much, I can always feed it to the pet rabbit.

For more Harvest Monday, visit Daphne’s Dandelions. I wonder if she makes dandelion pesto? I should ask.

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3 thoughts on “Harvest Monday – cilantro

  1. It’s a great idea to plant cilantro at different times. I mostly use cilantro in soup with a squeeze of lime. I’ve never tried it in tacos, which sounds delicious.

  2. I need to do more successions of cilantro. I love this herb. I wish I grew more so I could use more, but it bolts so easily. Even the slow bolting kinds.

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