>Happy New Year: a year in First Days

>Let’s work backwards with the retrospective this year. Preparing this annual post is fun; finding out what was on my mind at the beginning of each month is fascinating.

November: Must have been a Tuesday. Another Apple Crisp!
October: Random Dental Thoughts If you’re wondering, I did call the doctor after my dentist appointment. The nurse thought my nitrous story was hilarious.
September: She Needs to Read – if you’re wondering about this student, she’s still around. Stability is no longer a foreign concept.
August: Math, Math, Math. August, and I was already preparing to teach. I’m more skilled at teaching reading and writing than I am math; the Math Institute was time well spent.
June: Rhubarb Dessert Yum. I have rhubarb in the freezer; maybe I should make this!
May: Seed Inventory! Oh, sigh, for a patch of dirt that isn’t frozen!
April: Hershey’s Basket Blog Hop A blog blast and a picture of baby Krumpet!
March: Creativity I’d rather Avoid What will they think of next? No, don’t answer that.
February: On Brahms, Life and Death, and Being There One of my most serious posts. If you read only one from 2010, make it this one.
I noticed that I rarely posted on the first of the month. What’s going on in my life at the turn of each month that makes it so hard to put up a post? The collection includes a few recipes, a couple of product reviews/ blog carnivals, and a lot of teacher posts. I predict 2011 will have a different focus; you’ll see why in a few days.

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