Halloween or a Full Moon

As heard on Halloween Day —

“I am the Count from Sesame Street. ONE timeline portfolio graded! TWO timeline portfolios graded! Bwahahahahaha!”

“All I can say is there had better be chocolate at home. Wait – it’s Halloween! There IS chocolate at home!”

Why yes, I do work with teachers. Need you ask?

Trick or treaters in costume looking over the pit next to the porch — “Hey, is someone buried there?” No, it’s just yet another step in recovering from last spring’s disaster: the porch sank in the saturated ground. Contractors came yesterday to build up the foundation.

And so it goes, Halloween at the O.K. Chorale.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween or a Full Moon

  1. I personally think that there is a body in the pit.

    I felt bad there was rain. I wish that everyone would have worn a yellow safety vest. I did see attentive parents in vests which was great.

    I was called in to work, but thankfully it was not the result of a car accident.

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