>Green, green, green…the sequel

>Here’s the latest in my quest for eco-friendly wrapping this holiday season. These are picture frames for my grad school friends. Don’t worry; they’re all with me today on a major shopping and social outing. They won’t read this until they get home, if they read Compost Happens at all.

I didn’t want to give the frames empty or with the usual tacky fake filler fotograf. I mean, photograph. To fill the frames, I went to Wordle. At the wordle site, I copied and pasted a blog post about the five of us and our friendship, turned it into a word cloud, and then printed. I had a hard time getting the size right, making sure it had all the names, and looking for key words, so there were a few extra copies printed. Those extras became the wrapping.

The result: a unique and personalized gift and recyclable wrapping to (almost) match.

I hope they like them. Aw, heck, they’ll love ’em.

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