>Give me your tired, your fur

>Oh, wait, that’s not how the poem goes.

There’s a lot of fur in our house. I keep joking (but help me out if there’s really a way to do this) that if we could spin into yarn the rabbit fur that’s shedded all over the house, we’d never have to buy another blanket or sweater for as long as…well, as long as we have bunnies.
There’s Buttercup, the one who can run figure eights around our feet, even though she’s bigger than any of our shoes.

There are Peanut and Sadie, the bunnies who went to college with La Petite so she wouldn’t be lonely in her apartment.

They may have left our lives for that big warren in the sky, but we still have wonderful memories of Tiny and the incredible Beast.

Fur? We have plenty of it. On the fireplace hearth, on the loveseat (where the sunspot hits by day), and on the floor under the rocking chair. Toothmarks? Those empty boxes all over the living room aren’t clutter; they’re bunny toys. They help keep Buttercup from chewing on the furniture…some of the time.

But no matter how much shedding, how much gnawing goes on, nothing equals a hug from a snuggle bunny.

In honor of the love they give so freely, and the fur they shed just as freely, this post is for our little furry ones. Parent Bloggers Network is shedding, er, featuring more pet posts this weekend in a blog blast called Show Off Your Shedder with a sweepstakes sponsored by Pledge and their new Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. Don’t laugh; you might be the next one with rabbit hair stuck to your sweater.

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3 thoughts on “>Give me your tired, your fur

  1. >Actually you can make yarn out of rabbit fur. You need a drop spindle– you can buy one or make one. Go to you tube and search for rabbit fur spinning, or rabbit fur drop spindle.

  2. >One of my most recent cat’s most favorite things is to give a big stretch while holding on to the corner of my kitchen table with the very tips of his claws – the better to watch me putter. He doesn’t get up on the table; he just likes to watch. He looks so happy that I’m beginning to forgive him the little row of tiny claw tip shaped dents at the edge of the table. I look at them and think of his bright eyes.

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