>Getting my kicks on 66 — planning or dreaming?

>It seems strange; we’re actively working on becoming more sustainable, remaining frugal, taking care of our family and our earth.

Yet on the Bucket List is a road trip of many miles – coasting along Route 66.

Amigo would enjoy listening to local radio, eating at diners, and meeting new people. I would enjoy the trip, blog each milestone, and probably bring a Flat Stanley along for the ride. La Petite would photograph it, when she wasn’t sleeping through the daylight hours. Chuck? I’m not sure which part of the trip would be his favorite, but he’d probably find family along the way; his cousins are scattered across the U.S.A.

My goals for the trip include seeing different sections of the country, stopping at diners and local family restaurants, taking time out to visit history museums that honor the memory of the Mother Road. That’s what really drives me: the history piece. I love the idea that we’ll be traveling a route with so many memories, so many tales to tell.

Amigo and Chuck like to try local dishes — within reason. Sampling road food would be more exciting and (mostly) healthier than identical golden arches along the way. Simply reading the menu in some places would be an adventure! La Petite has convinced me to try and enjoy sushi, at long last, but Da Boyz still resist. She’d be more of an adventurous sort with the road foods, too.

Vehicle choice is a challenge. It’ll have to be something that can take heat, both humid and dry, to make a trip like this. Both of our current vehicles are elderly; neither will be suitable for a long trip. A rental rather than a new purchase would allow us to leave the car or minivan in California and catch the train home. We thoroughly enjoyed traveling on the Empire Builder from Wisconsin west to Washington; I am certain that the trip by rail would be fascinating and comfortable, too.

As for chronicling the trip, the blog is a good place to start. Daily like my other vacation journals or by topic, such as the Coffee Diary from another travel? Either would be effective.

Cost is an object. If this trip happens at all, it won’t be soon. Replacing the shower plumbing and fixing the upstairs bathroom are higher priorities. But someday, we’ll look for sponsors or grants or lottery winnings (just kidding, I don’t buy tickets), and we’ll hit the road — the Mother Road.

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4 thoughts on “>Getting my kicks on 66 — planning or dreaming?

  1. >Sounds like fun! The town I grew up on is right Route 66, and I didn't know until I was older what a big deal the road is to some people.

  2. >Route 66 is not too far from me! I'd love to meet you for toasted ravioli and St. Louis-style pizza (paper-thin crust, provel cheese…delish!) while you're on your road trip. I hope it becomes a reality for you someday!

  3. >My husband and I want to do this road trip too, for similar reasons, but it would be in the opposite direction, since we would start from LA. We're hoping it'll happen in the next few years, but who knows? Maybe we'll pass you on the Mother Road.

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