Fun with Container Planting

I didn’t call it container “gardening” because it feels more like a small to medium sized planter than a garden. No matter what the label, it was fun to put this together. I think the choice of flowers is better this year. It’s bound to grow and fill in and look beautiful. I won’t mention the struggle to keep it upright – you can find that here.

Done - for now.

Done – for now.

In a few baskets sitting on the rock garden, I have spinach, radishes, and onions. I will sprinkle all of them with red pepper flakes to discourage small furry creatures from disrupting the goodies. It’s working – sort of.

Laundry hamper, repurposed

Laundry hamper, repurposed – with a cat, an attempt to scare away tiny furry creatures.

This will be radishes.

This will be radishes.

Spinach will come up here - if I can keep up with the red pepper supply.

Spinach will come up here – if I can keep up with the red pepper supply.

Some small critter loves garlic, loves it a lot, loves it so much that as soon as the scapes get two inches above the soil, the critter makes a visit and nibbles like crazy.I can rule out Bunnicula, at least. No vampire rabbit could withstand so much fresh garlic.

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One thought on “Fun with Container Planting

  1. I am eager for the growing baby birds to soon be able to leave their nest in the flower pot on my patio. Then I can pay more attention to all of my patio plants! I have not wanted to disturb the new finches as they grew from hatching.

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