>Fragile, hope shatters

>Benjy didn’t make it. Amidst the many missing persons stories on tonight’s news came this update: Seven-year-old Benjy Heil’s body was found in a creek less than a mile from his home.
So many searchers, so many caring people — and such a sad ending to this story.
My heart goes out to his parents, his siblings, his extended family, his friends.

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4 thoughts on “>Fragile, hope shatters

  1. >As a parent of a 7 year old boy who doesn’t wander nearly as much as he used to (but occasionally still does) I so wanted this one to come out right.

    My hopes were spurred when the authorities all but ruled out his going to the river. I was glad that it was warm out, so that hypothermia wasn’t as much of an issue. And I prayed that the hundreds of searchers would come upon him and reunite him with his family.

    What a sad, terrible ending.


  2. >How terribly sad.

    I’ve not read the paper or turned on the telly in a few days, so I didn’t know about this. Just SO tragic.

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