Food Reality Shows vs. Kitchen Reality

Actual (almost) conversation while watching a cooking show

Daisy: those are really random ingredients for the mystery box. It’s almost like real life. It’s almost like  — a pantry raid!

Chuck: That’s it! The real working mom’s Mystery Box is the refrigerator!

We discussed the funny options on a true to life reality show. The chief cook and bottle washer comes home from work, has an hour to make supper, and in the refrigerator he or she finds… what?

I’d look to the table, which is so covered with tomatoes that we have to clear space in order to set out the plates. Peek into the meat drawer, check out the bread rack – yes! BLTs!

But what about sides? There’s a half-empty jar of tart applesauce. And those carrots – no, we still have a rabbit to feed. Ah-ha! I pulled a banana bread out of the refrigerator last night to make room for some frozen corn. BLT, applesauce, and banana bread. And at the risk of overdoing the tasty fall harvest theme, rhubarb-apple crisp for dessert.

I skipped the applesauce. I’d already had some for lunch.

And then, just because I could, I made a batch of sourdough bread in the bread machine. Yum.

Eat your hearts out, Food Network. Don’t get too jealous, but my kitchen is where the real Master Chefs hang out, and we know our mystery boxes.

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2 thoughts on “Food Reality Shows vs. Kitchen Reality

  1. BLTs are awesome! One of Chuck’s coworkers gifted us with a big bag of — drumroll — pears! So I made pear sauce with a little cinnamon sugar. Perfect.

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