>Flat Stanley’s on the road again!


My fifth grade colleague (okay, he teaches 5th grade, he’s not in it) is starting a Flat Stanley project. His class is reading and experiencing the Flat Stanley story, where they send this cute little paper dude to as many different states as they can. The students are asking if Stanley’s “hosts” will keep a journal for a few days of Stanley’s exploits in their homeland, and then send him back, journal and all, hopefully with some information about the locale as well.

If you’re interested in inviting Stanley to your home for a short visit, I’d love to send a Flat Stanley from here in Wisconsin to anywhere there’s a willing host. We’ve had 90+ degree weather for our entire first week of school, so heat would be no problem, in case you’re worried. He won’t eat you out of house and home, and we’ve made him promise to behave.

Please leave your email in the comments or send me an email (including your snail mail address) at okaybyme at gmail dot com, and you might see one of these little guys in the mail in a few weeks!
Many thanks to those who have already replied! If you’re willing, there can never be too many places to visit for Stanley. We’d love to hear from you.

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9 thoughts on “>Flat Stanley’s on the road again!

  1. >what a fun idea! i’d love to have Flat Stanley here in the quickly cooling state of Utah. I’ll take him into the high mountains for a look at changing fall leaves!

    i think my email is in my profile.

  2. >We did this for my cousin’s daughter! We took him to NYC and my inlaws took him to London. You can send him to NJ! I think my email will come up with my comment.

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