Farmers’ Market Starts Again!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day. The Downtown Farmers’ Market has returned to my fair city! The weather was muggy, but tolerable. No rain, just the threat of it. And people? The street was mobbed. We bought — wait. I can make this easier.

Market Bounty, Week I

Market Bounty, Week I

You can probably recognize the spinach, the asparagus, and strawberries, and lettuce, too. I also picked up whole wheat bread with flaxseed (from my favorite Amish baker) and a small loaf of cheddar cheese bread. For my sweet husband who loves to cook, we picked up scallops (not local, I know), red potatoes (much more local), and a great local barbecue sauce. He chatted with the sauce maker for a while and got some tips on how to grill really tender ribs. There’s more, but I must get to work prepping the strawberries and the peas. The peas are in the picture, sort of. They’re hiding under the asparagus.

Ah, the Downtown Farmers’ Market. Now it really feels like summer.

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