Entertainment, captioned

It was a sunny afternoon and the Milwaukee Brewers were Рlosing. Big time. But the game  offered some fun in the form of closed captioning errors.

Ryan Braun retched first on a base hit. Retched? He’s tossing bases now instead of cookies? Ouch.

Later, Gomez got up to bat and the ballet slipped out of his grip. Yep, he threw the ballet. I know professional baseball is an art, and I understand that these young men are quite graceful at times. But when did the bat become a dance?

So I went to school the next day and let go of baseball and its lingo. It wasn’t long, though, before I was looking over information on a literacy grant and – oh, readers, you’re way ahead of me. Here it is. Put down your beverage.

We also will consider grant requests from organizations and programs that support children, families, and animals that are not easily categorized.
Animals that are not easily categorized? Like a rabbit that looks like a cow?
an animal that is not easily categorized

— an animal that is not easily categorized


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