Eating the Opponent – Detroit

Amigo is a news junkie and a very creative young man. We’ve put him in charge of most of the research needed for our Eating the Opponent Packers Series. The other North Central Division teams make this a challenge because the Packers play them twice a year. I should have said AT LEAST twice a year, that is, because there’s always the possibility of a grudge match meeting in the wild card games.

Well, back to the question. Green Bay plays Detroit on Sunday. Amigo suggested we bounce off of the topic of Detroit’s bankruptcy and serve pork and beans, Depression style. Hm. Must think on this. It could work. Maybe.

I’ll let you know.

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3 thoughts on “Eating the Opponent – Detroit

  1. A crockpot full of baked beans would be nice on a cool fall day. You could pick something Polish for a side: Hamtramk Polish dills, something auto-related (Pontiac is close by), and we can think of more . . .

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