>Earth Week in retrospective

>You can tell it’s spring by the signs of Earth Week in my classroom. Worked into the collection between the other books are many Earthy titles. Science Verse is there because it’s one of my favorites and April is also Poetry Month.

Look to the right, and you’ll see why there are so many on the shelf; the Seasonal bucket wasn’t big enough for all the books on an environmental theme.

My desk is often a repository of evidence of whatever we’re studying. Cluttered, perhaps; but look closely. Here, in the corner by the keyboard.

It’s one of our Earth Week specialty plans: the Circle of Earth Cookie. One of my colleagues at the environmental charter shared this plan. The cookie is a circle, like Earth. The M&Ms represent soil (brown), plants (green), animals (orange), sky/ air (blue), and last but not least, yellow for the sun. The frosting is there to hold it all together.

The students loved the cookies and the simple plan. They really knew what each piece represented.

I had a hard time keeping Paddington, Snoopy, Fluffy and pals from eating mine!
This post is going up a week after the official Earth Week celebration. However, it’s important to keep inserting eco-conscious habits into our lives every day.

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