Early Morning Marketing

The downtown Farmers’ Market is winding down a bit. It’ll continue through most of October with the last weekend of September off for the big Octoberfest celebration. We were awake and ready earlier than usual, so we loaded our pockets with parking meter change, grabbed the shopping bag on wheels, and headed downtown. Amigo was sound asleep; he didn’t even miss us.

We spent only half the time we’d plugged into the meter, but we managed to fill the bags with good food despite the shorter time period. Earlier than usual and cooler than usual, there were far fewer shoppers on the Avenue. We moved a little faster through the smaller crowds.

Those that were there found good deals on peppers, potatoes, apples, and the big fall seller, squash of all kinds. We bought acorn squash, butternut squash, and a little green and yellow zucchini squash, too. The big winter squashes will store well in our cool back hallway pantry. We’ve been able to store the thick-skinned squashes into December and even January some years. The thin-skinned zucchini will be supper tomorrow night.

So now, without further ado, here is one of the last batches of goodies from the market.



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