Does quality no longer matter?

Oh, those television people. It was in the Info for an episode of The Revolutionary War on Military Channel.

The British military makes plans to keep New England for themselves in 1977 but fail, and France and Spain send troops to provide assistance to the colonies. No cast information available.

Did you find it? Good. Sometimes it’s harder to find a numerical error than a misspelling.

I still remember an elementary principal reading an inspirational short piece on Secretary of State Colin Powell. The only problem was this: Condeleezza Rice was Secretary of State at the time. Colin Powell had already retired from the post. You guessed it, people, I didn’t have a lot of respect for that administrator.

Accuracy. It’s missing so often. When I grade a student lower because of spelling mistakes and his mother says “But we spell checked it!” I wonder if they really know the difference between herd and heard, piece and peace. Peas, too, for that matter. You know, visualize whirled peas. If not peas-ful, it’s at least tasty.

Then there are the half-hearted guesses on tests. What was the impact of the battle of the Alamo? “A lot of people died.” Duh. Read the book.

Or this, on a high school level: the student was to compare the effects of the Western economy on China in the 19th century. The 1800s, folks. Bear witness to an actual studnet answer.

The effects of western and Chinese economy are quite apparent. The Chinese population is very large with millions of people. Where as the westernized economy is the same way, but with less people per acre. The western economy is going to overall cost more because of the fact that people are paid more to make less. Where as in china at the current time there are many more people who get paid next to nothing to make crap to be shipped to america and sold.

Maybe this student will grow up to work for the Military Channel writing Info pieces.

Ah, this post is getting more snarky than humerus – er, humorous. Armed with a graduate degree and a sense of sarcasm, I will shut down the computer and face the whirled – er, world.

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3 thoughts on “Does quality no longer matter?

  1. The last several books I have read, some by well-known and much-published authors, have contained misspelled words that leap off the page to insult my brain. Are there no proofreaders? Does anyone have the energy or patience to thoroughly proofread work on its way to publishing? When you publish your book, I hope your editor (or a proofreader) catches all the typos and incorrect homonyms.

  2. Pretty funny that you misspelled something in a post that is chastising others for typos and not proofreading. We are all human.

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