Do you feel a draft?

Working in an old building has its perks. High ceilings, big windows, wood floors, lots of wood overall. The beauty of the aged building balances the cubicles and the computers. As a group, we like our office. We’re happy to be located where we are.

Old buildings have a down side, though. When winter arrives, those lovely big windows are drafty. The under-insulated walls around those windows let in the cold air more than they would in a brand new, tightly closed and insulated office.

We like our location, though. We groan a little on the coldest Wisconsin days, and then we open up our desks and get out the tools for working in the cold. Coffee cups with covers, blankets and snuggies for our laps, scarves around our chilly necks, and our favorite accessory: gloves. We can handle just about any part of our work while wearing fingerless gloves. In fact, some of us own more than one pair.

Daisy’s collection – next to a cup made for hot cocoa!

Typing with gloves on – simple.

Keeping warm while answering email or grading papers

Using the phone, making curriculum based assessment calls

or simply staying warm and fuzzy.

Now that “texting” gloves are popular, there’s a much greater variety on the market. Bring on the wind chills; we’re ready!


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5 thoughts on “Do you feel a draft?

  1. Consider yourself lucky. When I started teaching gloves had not been invented. I had to get to school two hours early, chop down a tree, and use the wood to build a fire to warm the building. My mind is feeling fuzzy. I had to go to a neighboring pond, cut a hole in the ice and catch fish. The fish were to feed the kids hot lunch. Feeling very fuzzy. Trouble remembering. Sleepy………………………..

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