>Did Superman ever get headaches while he was saving the world?

>Yesterday was one of “those” days. I felt like I’d already worked for hours before I left the driveway. It was the day the cleaning service comes, which requires some advance preparation. It was the second day of school, which means I began the morning already tired out from the day before.
Before breakfast:
I fed both rabbits.
I super-caged the house bunny to keep him out of the way of the cleaning service and keep him from leaving any “rabbit raisins” around the house after they left.
I showered (practically sleep-walked through it) and dressed in my work clothes (Ha! You were expecting my Superhero uniform, weren’t you?!).
I got a super breakfast for El Grande.
I made sure he brushed his teeth.
And more:
I cleaned the house bunny’s litter box and set it outside to super-dry.
I super-wiped down the floor to get any “misses” around the litter box area.
I packed my super-lunch and cleared the table of breakfast dishes.
I emptied the dishwasher of clean dishes and put the super-dirty ones inside.

THEN I went to work.
For the most part, it was a good day at school with tired but happy students. However, it was a super-busy day with no real breaks except recess — barely enough to zoom to the bathroom.
I tried to work at my super-desk after school, but (due to recent construction) there was a huge super-vacuum truck outside and just below my window. I could deal with the noise (I teach pre-adolescents, after all), but the stench of diesel exhaust was too much. I packed up my super-work and flew (okay, drove) home.

Back home again:
I re-filled the super-clean litter box and brought it inside.
I brought the small furry one inside again.
Small not-so-adorable furry one left a “gift” on the clean bathroom rug to express his displeasure: one tiny rabbit turd.
I put not-so-super supper in the oven. Okay, I admit it, it was from a box (potpies and buttermilk biscuits), but it was a meal.
Then, and only then, I reached for the super-strength ibuprofen.

Did Superman get headaches when he saved the world? Because Supermom sure does. But fortunately, Supermom thinks like Scarlett O’Hara, not like Kal-el — tomorrow will be another day!

This oldie-but-goodie is my entry in Scribbit’s Write-Away contest for July ’08. Her theme is Wonder Woman; I thought the Super Mom parallel was appropriate.

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